Providing processing guidance in compliance to best practices and legislation relating to planning permission. Streamlining processes for the approving authority and interactions with / between external authorities and consultants.

System comprised of modules regulating:


  • Building & Structural Plan Approval,
  • Permit to Commence Building Works,
  • Certification for Piling, Structure, Building Work
  • Civic Defense Shelters,
  • Quarterly Structural Reporting,
  • Certified as-built plans
  • Temporary Occupation
  • Completion Certificate; etc

Registration of Professionals

  • Resident Engineers
  • Clerks-of-Works; etc


  • Lift Maintenance
  • Periodic Inspections
  • Strata Title
  • Share-Value and MCST
  • Others like Statutory Enforcement,
  • Illegal Structures
  • Advertisement Licensing; etc

    Building Control Process Integration

    Ensuring zero-error through verification checklists for both technical evaluation of Structural Plans and administrative tasks like verifying registered status of applicant, plan fees and related approvals (eg. planning permit).

    Single window view of project to enable review of related technical clearances and payment of fees, etc. and issuance of Permit to Commence Building Works.

    Mobile Site Inspection (Tablet-based)

    Officers can used tablet-based mobile devices to inspect construction sites without the need for paper drawings or having to take notes and updating the System over the Internet thereafter. Site findings, photographs & annotated evidences are captured via mobile devices and can be synced remotely back to the System anytime and anywhere.  Everything can be performed on-the-fly!

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