Architects and engineers are empowered to validate their designs in terms of regulatory conformity and are able to correct / amend non-compliant aspects of their design prior to submitting to the Authorities. Because plan checking of the submitted designs make up the bulk of time taken within a regulatory department, the combination of such proactive industry action and automation on the part of the Authorities means an overall dramatic shortening of the time taken to process and approve a permit application.

CORENET ePlanCheck implements automatic code compliance check against two major domains – Architectural and Building Services – in areas like:


Building Construction Authority
Building Control Regulations
Barrier Free Access (Accessibility) codes

Fire Safety & Shelter Bureau
Code of Practice for Fire Precautions in Building
Household and Storey Shelters Codes

Housing & Development Board
Building Control Regulations for Public Housing

Land Transport Authority
Provision Of Parking Places And Parking Spaces

Public Utility Board
Code of Practice on Environmental Health


Fire Safety & Shelter Bureau
Fire Codes for Building Services Systems

City Gas
Code of Practice for Manufactured Gas Pipe Installation

Public Utility Board
Code of Practice on Surface Water Drainage
Code Of Practice For Water Services
Code of Practice on Sewerage and Sanitary Works

Singapore, the top-ranked economy globally on the ease of doing business, sped the process for dealing with construction permits, reducing the time from 102 days to 38. Almost 99 percent of applications are now submitted electronically through the Construction and Real Estate Network (CORENET). Singapore also simplified the online process for business start-up, cutting a procedure and reducing the time required by a day. 

International Finance Corporation

CORENET Impact of reducing from 102 to 26 days

Savings on Land Holding Cost (Singapore): Approx SGD1.14 billion per year; 
This is on top of the SGD160 million per year on transaction-related cost savings.

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