Laboratory led
testing of constructive materials

Full laboratory testing
using non-destructive techniques

Analysis and monitoring of load-bearing components and elements

Supervision of

Laboratory led testing of constructive materials

Our testing laboratory facilities enable us to carry out exhaustive testing of all forms of constructive materials.  Some of the components that we work on are as follows:


  • Sand, cement and road finishings
  • Steel reinforcement
  • Carbonic steel plates and angles
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Mouldings created from polyethylene
  • Concrete structures which are monolithic reinforced
  • Testing of sails


Whether you are working on a commercial or residential contract, we can assist with all areas of design, construction and even repairs.  We can provide you with the necessary peace of mind that comes with knowing that all materials in use conform to the necessary stringent guidelines.

By getting it right first time, your reputation is maintained and additional costs are avoided.